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SHIAC was Awarded GAR Guide to Regional Arbitration Award for an Arbitral Institution that Impressed in 2015

On the evening of March 2nd, 2016, the 6th annual Global Arbitration Review Awards Ceremony was held at Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai. Almost 200 delegates in the field of international arbitration attended the Awards Ceremony, in which unveiled Awards of ten categories included the GAR 30, best lecture or speech of the past year, best prepared/most responsive arbitrator, international arbitration practice that impressed in the past year, most important published decision of 2015 and life achievement award.

SHIAC was dedicated to creating the first aviation arbitration court in the world, Shanghai International Aviation Court of Arbitration, and establishing theBRICSDisputeResolutionShanghaiCenterwith the initiation and coordination by the China Law Society. Also with its support, SHIAC jointly built the China-Africa Joint Arbitration Shanghai Centre with arbitration institutions of South Africa. Establishment of aforesaid professional platforms innovate the mode of regional arbitration coordination, disseminating the unification of international arbitration rules, such as NEW YORK Convention and UNICITRAL Arbitration Rules. In light of those achievements, SHIAC was awarded GAR Guide to Regional Arbitration award for an arbitral institution that impressed in 2015 as well as runner-up for innovation by an individual or organization in 2015 and became the first arbitration institution awarded by GAR in MainlandChina. Doc. Mayi, Vice Chairman and General Secretary, and some staffs of Secretariat were accepted the Award.


Mr. Tang Houzhi, consulter of CIETAC, was awarded life achievement award in 2015. He took the vice Chairman of CIETAC when ShanghaiInternationalArbitrationCenter(previously named “CIETAC Shanghai”) was established in 1988. He made great efforts to internationalism of Chinese Arbitration and training of Chinese foreign-related arbitration elites.     


Launched in 2006, GAR is the leading resource on international arbitration news and community intelligence, with a good reputation in International arbitration media. Annually, GAR rewards the arbitration institution, arbitrators, law firms and practices that impressed most last year, which started in 2011. Most of the awards are decided by professors in light of the public vote. The venue of the awards ceremony changes annually and the outcome of the awards draw much attention of international arbitration peers.   

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